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Patient Testimonials

My life has changed for the better!

Kathy Leveille

❝My name is Kathy and 4 years ago I was injured at work and hurt my back, shoulders, and neck.

I went to see my family doctor who recommended an acupuncturist. I tried this for a while but it didn't seem to help. She then sent me for rehab exercises, but again that did not help. I was still feeling a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders, and I was missing days of work from pain and being tired.

Since starting with treatment with Dr. Angelo Santin I have less pain, a better range of motion, and clearer thoughts. He has also shown me my x-rays and compared new ones to old ones and I can see how much I have improved.

The staff are amazing and a great team! They even make you feel better when you're having a bad day!

Since meeting the team at Santin Chiropractic my life has changed for the better. I now know it is possible to get better, even after an accident, with the help of a chiropractor and some positive thinking!!❞

Kathy Leveille

I have seen huge structural changes in my x-rays!

Ashley Bernaudo

❝For the past few years I have been experiencing neck pain and migraines almost every day. When I would get the migraines I would have to lay down and sometimes I would have to miss school or work because I wouldn't be able to do the tasks I would need to do, sit for a long period of time, or even read. They also stopped me from going out with my friends and family, and doing the things I should be able to do at my age.

I started coming to see Dr. Santin about a year ago and now my migraines only happen maybe once a month and when they do they do not last as long or are as painful. I have seen huge structural changes in my x-rays, noticed an improvement in my energy, and also in my attention span which has benefited my grades as I have received a 4.0 GPA this year at College. I am now able to do the things that a normal 20 year old should be able to do without the burden of knowing I am going to get a migraine.

Before my chiropractic treatments I was not living my life to the fullest but now I can honestly say that has changed! Thank you Dr. Santin.❞

Ashley Bernaudo

I also sleep better and I am not as stif!

Cameron McQueen

❝I am 10 years old and I started to see Dr. Carla Santin approximately 4 years ago for migraine headaches and neck pain. I was in a lot of pain and would throw up. My mom would try to rub my neck and forehead while I laid in the dark until I would fall asleep. Also, I wouldn't be able to play my games or with my friends. I had seen another Chiropractor a few times which helped but I found that Dr. Carla was more gentle and her way was more effective. She is kind, funny, and good with stories. Dr. Carla showed me an x-ray and pointed to where my headaches and neck pain came from.

Now I have decreased pain and not as many migraines in the last couple of years. I am able to focus better in school and my mom doesn't have to massage my neck as much. I also sleep better and I am not as stiff. I also like the pillow she suggested. I would recommend that you go to the chiropractor – it could change your life!! Thanks Dr. Carla Santin!!

Cameron McQueen

My headaches are gone!

Donna H

Before starting my program of care:
Ten years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Medication was helping my pain and swelling to a degree but I was always nauseated the next day, some days were so bad I couldn't get out of bed. My doctor decided to put me on a needle form of medication, but nothing changed. I also had begun having seizures for the first time in my life. Every six months or so I would have one, the doctors couldn't figure out why. Because of the seizures I lost my license for four years. I was also suffering from weekly headaches. These were all things I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

Since starting my program of care:
The inflammation in my blood work is the lowest it has been in 10 years since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am almost never nauseated the next day after taking my medication and it is extremely rare that I have to spend all day in bed. I haven't had a seizure since I started seeing Dr. Carla a year and a half ago and I have my license back. My headaches are gone and my neck has more movement with less pain. I would recommend Santin Chiropractic to anyone who is struggling with rheumatoid arthritis.❞

Donna H

My energy level has increased substantially!

Michelle Beck

Before Care:
Before I started care with Dr. Santin, I was in pretty rough shape. I had received a diagnosis of having arthritis and was having severe pain and stiffness. My family physician had put in a request to see a specialist but I was told it was going to be at least a year wait. Well that was 2 years ago. I have been seeing a massage therapist twice a month for the last 7 years, just to be able to function with some level of ability. I was having trouble driving because I couldn't turn my neck to change lanes. I could barely walk up and down stairs. My hands hurt and were so stiff, I was having trouble opening and holding onto things. I was having lots of headaches and my back and knees never stopped aching. I wasn't sleeping because my body hurt so much I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. I had completely stopped doing anything physical including working on keeping myself physically fit. At 39 years old, I felt like I was many years older.

After Care:
Since I began chiropractic care 5 months ago my life has changed completely. I no longer suffer from severe neck and back pain on a daily basis. My headaches have diminished almost completely, aside of the odd one here and there. I no longer have trouble turning my head to change lanes while driving. My sleeping has returned to pretty much what I would consider normal for me. I no longer have as much trouble going up and down the stairs and the pain and stiffness in my hands has gotten so much better. I have now returned to my regular walking routine which I try to do 5 times a week. I have noticed that I'm not as tired as I use to be and my energy level has increased substantially. I actually don't dread getting out of bed in the morning anymore.

Words of encouragement: If you are feeling like my story sounds a lot like you, I'm here to tell you if you are thinking of trying chiropractic care, do it. I waited till I couldn't deal with my pain anymore because I was scared of what the treatment might do to my body. Please don't be afraid. The adjustments don't hurt at all. It's actually very gentle care. Dr. Santin is very good at explaining exactly what he is doing and making you feel comfortable in his care. My only regret about having chiropractic care is that I waited so long to do it.❞

Michelle Beck

I now have more energy to work!

❝I started getting chiropractic care after getting into a car accident several years ago. I had daily headaches, trouble with mobility, and trouble sleeping. I had no energy to work and had trouble concentrating in school. After just being in chiropractic care for a short period of time, I began to notice changes in how long I could work, how well I could move, and my headaches started decreasing. I also had a much easier time sitting through my classes and concentrating on my work. Thanks to Dr. Angelo and Dr. Carla, I now have more energy to work, my headaches are almost completely gone, and my sleep has improved drastically. I encourage everyone to seek out chiropractic care as it improved my health considerably!❞
Jessica Parcels

I have told people about this miracle that I have received!

 Pat Fiorito

❝I had been suffering from terrible headaches a couple times a week, but mostly from sciatica from my calf of my leg up to my thigh to my hip. I had suffered for 4 years. My doctor told me it was my back and left it at that. I had an MRI for my headaches and was told good news that I did not have a tumor, but they could not give me a new neck so do whatever worked best to ease the headaches.

I had to drive my daughter into town 3 times a weeks for her chiropractic appointments, a 40 minute drive, and thought maybe I should give Dr. Angelo Santin a try. I had nothing to lose. After 2 weeks I was sitting one night at home watching TV and I suddenly realized that I was not having any leg pain, and that there was no bean bag under my leg – oh is this true, is this working? The pain did not completely go away; it came back sometimes but not as severe and not everyday. I was no longer taking Ibuprofen for my leg and the Tylenol for my headaches was only about twice a month now.

I have told people about this miracle that I have received from Dr. Santin, and I would encourage anyone to give chiropractic and Dr. Santin a chance to change your life as he did mine.❞

Pat Fiorito

Improve my life style!

John Mason

❝I am 65 years old and for years have suffered from bad hips, lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain. My family tried to get me to see a chiropractor for sometime, but due to a bad experience many years ago I was very reluctant to do so. As the discomfort became worse, and the medication didn't help, I decided to consult with Dr. Carla Santin and that was the best decision that I have made for a long time. The staff are very professional, friendly, and made me feel at ease. Dr. Santin explained the course of treatment she recommended, along with the fees, but at no time did I ever feel pressured into anything.

That was more than 3 months ago, and today I feel 80% better. The pain has decreased, mobility has improved, and my headaches have diminished. Another health problem that really benefited from mt visits was my high blood pressure. Although I was on medication, the doctors were having a hard time controlling it. Since my visits my blood pressure is now stable and I feel my adjustments have gone along way in helping to control it.

I highly recommend the services of the Santin Chiropractic Clinic and to all the staff, Dr. Angelo, and Dr. Carla Satin, Thank You! you have gone along way to improve my life style and I intend to carry on using your services to maintain my health and improve my life style.❞

John Mason